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Central Oregon is a beautiful place to live and work. With the majestic Cascade mountains towering to the west and the dramatic high desert stretching to the east. It is this serene landscape we live in that almost requires us to create buildings that compliment the natural beauty of the region. Accompanying this natural beauty is unpredictable and sometimes severe weather. With the snow, rain, wind and dry summer heat; it can be a difficult task cleaning and maintaining any business.

Having Mt. Bachelor in our backyard means the more snow in the winter the better. With more snow means more cinder for the roads, more mud when it melts and all of this making its way into our homes and businesses. Having trustworthy janitorial services Bend Oregon is a necessity, because one way or another the beautiful landscape makes its way inside. It’s not uncommon to start the morning with snowfall, turning to rain by mid-day and reach the 60’s in the afternoon. This unpredictable weather creates one big mess.

The summers are no different. Central Oregonians enjoy a long dry summer with all of the pristine lakes and rivers nearby. Popular activities include wake boarding on Lake Billie Chinook, fly fishing at the Metolius and spending a lazy day floating the Deschutes through town. Well with our long dry summers comes very dusty interiors. Dust finds its way into our homes and business infiltrating every single nook and cranny. Having a professional janitorial service will help keep the dust at bay and prevent build up.

Every business should have a plan of attack that involves a professional janitorial service to help keep their interior space clean and inviting. Final Touch Janitorial Services in Bend understand that living in this region of unrivaled beauty comes with its challenges. From the unpredictable weather to the outdoor lifestyle, our homes and businesses take a beating and as a professional janitorial service, we understand what it takes to help keep everything clean and maintained.

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Our philosophy is that your building should reflect the quality and professionalism of your company, from the smallest office detail to the overall appearance of your corporate facility.  We work hard to help our clients achieve this result on a daily basis.  We help our clients create their own specifications, or we accommodate your corporate specifications that you have in place.  We believe that a good relationship between Final Touch and our customers is paramount in the quest to meet each customers individual needs.

All of our Team Members have background checks, security and privacy is a priority. Final Touch is Licensed, Insured and Compliant.

Give us a call (541) 647-2136, and I, Linda, will personally meet with you and provide you with a proposal to meet your needs. We consider it a privilege to earn your business.

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